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Welcome to my new website
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Body Mechanics involves the coordinated effort of muscles, bones and the nervous system to maintain balance, posture, alignment during moving, transferring and positioning.


Refers to your chosen training program. All our training programs are devised by myself carried out by my team of Personal Trainers and Nutrition coaches. These sessions are designed to be progressive, challenging and fun; built around your unique needs and goals.


Refers to your results! Our aim to cement positive habits into your lifestyle and training from the start. In doing so we firmly believe this will put you in the best position possible for achieving the long lasting results you are after.


Is the heart and soul of our business. At The Body Mechanics studio, we are all at hand to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and INSPIRE you towards better health. At the Body Mechanics Studio I use a SCIENTIFIC, RESEARCH-DRIVEN approach to training. From a functional perspective to get real results. Find out how following an individually tailored exercise and nutrition program can empower you to make the long-lasting results you are looking for.

Peter Fenwick

I’ve been working as a Personal Trainer for the last 16 years, and have refined my methods to get real results. Accountablity to you as a client, making sure you reach your goals in a healthy way. Helping you to create a balanced and consistant training method to suite your individual needs.

I use many diciplines in my Personal Training with a SCIENTIFIC, RESEARCH-DRIVEN approach to training.