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Upgrading my whole lifestyle

I came for summer body, I ended up upgrading my whole lifestyle! Training with BodyMechanics completely changed my lifestyle and the relation I have with my body.  For years I have been trying to go to random classes at the gym and training on my own, using the excuse that ‘I am not really a sporty person’. The motivation was hard to keep and results insignificant.

Since I started training with Peter, this is a different world. Very quickly I could see the first results on my body but also on my energy levels and sleep quality, and I can still see things improving over time! This is a life changing revelation and a long-term investment (on myself!)  that I am very happy I did!


Ik zit beter en strakker in m’n lijf!

De trainingen met Peter zijn divers en het is hard werken, maar we hebben heel veel lol. En het resultaat is er zeker ook: Ik zit beter en strakker in m’n lijf!


I have lost 25 kg and feel happy and fit again!

When I started training with Peter, I was at an all time low. Lots of stuff had happened in my personal life and my self care had been absent. My weight had sky-rocketed. So I chose to do something for ME. Peter and I immediately clicked, he is a very friendly and loyal person. He totally accepted my own path, which was to first train to become fit again, and then (and only then) work on my weight. He put no extra pressure on me, but gave me a lot of stimulating tips and tricks. With him, I got rid of most of my old injuries.

He has a very sharp eye for what a body can and can’t do. He knows how little changes in exercise (e.g. changing the position of my thumb) can make a great difference on the effect and the after-pain (in this case my shoulder). So even at that low point, I was able to train, and then he helped me learn to enjoy training again. Then we worked on getting stronger, leaner and thinner, now I have lost 25 kg and feel happy and fit again! I still like our training sessions, he always keeps the training interesting with different exercises and new challenges. And his enthusiasm never stops to making me smile!


One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Deciding to train with Peter was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’d previously been attending small group sessions at a gym 3 times a week and making steady progress. However, Peter has accelerated my weight loss and fitness within a very short period of time. He helped me achieve and smash all goals I had set for my first 3 months training with him. Each session is different and he really knows how to keep you motivated while enjoying yourself at the same time. I never thought I’d be one of those people who look forward to training! Peter clearly has a passion for his job, taking time to get to know his clients and supporting them while pushing them to be stronger, fitter and happier. I’m in the best shape I’ve been for the last 10 years and I honestly couldn’t have achieved this without Peter’s help!

Racheal Kearns

Losing weight and reaching an optimal BMI

Peter is an amazing trainer, within the first few months of starting with him I’d already achieved my initial goal of losing weight and reaching an optimal BMI. Since then my strength and fitness has also increased drastically and my body shape and muscles have improved to the point where people are regularly commenting on how good I’m looking.

Peter is focussed on making sure I continue to develop and improve by constantly raising the bar to ensure I’m getting pushed as hard as possible. He brings a lot of intensity and variety into his workouts, and can immediately understand which areas are in need of attention and what the best way of working on them are. Signing up to train with Peter has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Jim Kearns

I learned how to have a more balanced and healthy lifestyle

This PT experience was really eye-opening to me. I have tried for many months before to lose weight and get leaner, but I would always fall into the usual trap of eating way too few calories and getting into cardio training way more than I should.

I really appreciated how trusting and supportive you were. You gave me simple and clear guidelines for my eating, which still allowed me to pretty much be in control of my food and have fun with it and I also really like how my training was evolving.

You would always be interested in knowing how I was feeling and how my weeks were progressing and, most importantly, you would always adjust my weekly plans according to the feedback I was giving you (whether it was to push harder or take a step back and rest more).

It was a really enjoyable journey and I’m very happy with the results I got. More importantly, I learned how to have a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, without feeling I was incorporating any drastic changes to my routine. Would definitely be back!


Peter Fenwick

I've been working as a Personal Trainer for the last 16 years, and have refined my methods to get real results. Accountablity to you as a client, making sure you reach your goals in a healthy way. Helping you to create a balanced and consistant training method to suite your individual needs.

I use many diciplines in my Personal Training with a SCIENTIFIC, RESEARCH-DRIVEN approach to training.