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Body Mechanics offers products and services rolled into one centre which covers a broad range of what you as the client needs.

  • Small Group Training
  • Post and Pre Natal
  • Duo Training
  • One on one Personal Training
  • Triggerpoint Therapy
  • Transformation Challenge

External Services:
Osteopathy – Osteopathie Wetselaar
Physio Therapy – Watson Physio

SGT- Small Group Training

It’s a well structured group session focused on different strengths. Sessions will be created by myself and consultants who are experienced in group lesson planning and delivering.

Each lesson will be given by a qualified Personal Trainer which heightens the quality of the lesson by correcting and being able to explain exactly how and why something is done. Explaining the Body Mechanics behind every excercise.

Sessions / lesson will last 60 min and will be divided into four phases,

  1. Explanation and break down of techniques used in the lesson
  2. Warm up consisting of mobilisation and activation.
  3. The Circuit consists of 6 stations with 2 excercises at each station.
  4. Challenge ( each class has different challenges)
  5. Cool down and stretch.

Peter Fenwick

I’ve been working as a Personal Trainer for the last 16 years, and have refined my methods to get real results. Accountablity to you as a client, making sure you reach your goals in a healthy way. Helping you to create a balanced and consistant training method to suite your individual needs.

I use many diciplines in my Personal Training with a SCIENTIFIC, RESEARCH-DRIVEN approach to training.