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I have lost 25 kg and feel happy and fit again!

When I started training with Peter, I was at an all time low. Lots of stuff had happened in my personal life and my self care had been absent. My weight had sky-rocketed. So I chose to do something for ME. Peter and I immediately clicked, he is a very friendly and loyal person. He totally accepted my own path, which was to first train to become fit again, and then (and only then) work on my weight. He put no extra pressure on me, but gave me a lot of stimulating tips and tricks. With him, I got rid of most of my old injuries.

He has a very sharp eye for what a body can and can’t do. He knows how little changes in exercise (e.g. changing the position of my thumb) can make a great difference on the effect and the after-pain (in this case my shoulder). So even at that low point, I was able to train, and then he helped me learn to enjoy training again. Then we worked on getting stronger, leaner and thinner, now I have lost 25 kg and feel happy and fit again! I still like our training sessions, he always keeps the training interesting with different exercises and new challenges. And his enthusiasm never stops to making me smile!