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I learned how to have a more balanced and healthy lifestyle

This PT experience was really eye-opening to me. I have tried for many months before to lose weight and get leaner, but I would always fall into the usual trap of eating way too few calories and getting into cardio training way more than I should.

I really appreciated how trusting and supportive you were. You gave me simple and clear guidelines for my eating, which still allowed me to pretty much be in control of my food and have fun with it and I also really like how my training was evolving.

You would always be interested in knowing how I was feeling and how my weeks were progressing and, most importantly, you would always adjust my weekly plans according to the feedback I was giving you (whether it was to push harder or take a step back and rest more).

It was a really enjoyable journey and I’m very happy with the results I got. More importantly, I learned how to have a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, without feeling I was incorporating any drastic changes to my routine. Would definitely be back!